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Univa collaborates with Intel Corporation to offer an Intel® Select Solution for HPC and AI Converged Clusters

CHICAGO – June 4, 2019 – Univa®, a leading innovator in enterprise-grade workload management and optimization solutions for on-premise and hybrid cloud high-performance computing (HPC), today announced that it will participate in the Intel Select Solution for HPC and AI Converged Clusters that is based on its Univa Resource Broker and Univa Grid Engine®.

"We are very pleased to help offer a solution that allows HPC, AI and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) to work in the same infrastructure and eliminate time consuming data transfer for our users," said Gary Tyreman, president and CEO of Univa. "Grid Engine has been deployed thousands of times in business-critical clusters. We want to ensure this community can add mixed HPC, AI and HPDA workloads to their environments in an efficient manner."

A converged environment for HPC and AI eliminates the burden of data transfer between multiple environments to enable faster time to insights. Through the workload-optimized performance delivered by Intel Select Solutions, users can reap the benefits of a converged environment that offers a 4x faster inferencing performance improvement with the built-in Intel® Deep Learning Boost for a faster time-to-results. This solution gives HPC customers a path to adopt artificial intelligence on the 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor environment.

"AI-enhanced high-performance computing accelerates discovery and innovation for economic competitiveness and technology leadership," said Trish Damkroger, vice president and general manager of the Extreme Computing Organization at Intel. "In collaboration with innovators like Univa, Intel Select Solutions for HPC and AI Converged Clusters give users the assurance they need to quickly deploy and get the performance results they want and expect, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud."

Managing HPC Workloads in Any Technology Environment
Univa Grid Engine manages workloads automatically, maximizes shared resources and accelerates the execution of any container, application or service. The solution can be deployed in any technology environment: on-premise, hybrid cloud or cloud-native HPC. By using Univa Grid Engine, enterprises and organizations can deliver products and results faster, more efficiently and with lower overall costs. Additionally, workloads running on Univa Grid Engine are efficiently shared across machines in a datacenter to optimize the use of the computing infrastructure. Scheduling policies can be applied to all work submitted to the cluster, ensuring high-priority jobs are completed on time, while simultaneously maintaining maximum utilization of all cluster machines. Along with Navops Launch, Univa Grid Engine can dynamically schedule workloads to a hybrid cloud environment.

For more information, please contact Univa at sales@univa.com or by calling 1-800-370-5320.

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About Univa Corporation
Univa is the leading innovator of workload management solutions that optimize throughput and performance of applications, containers, and services. Univa manages workloads automatically by maximizing shared resources and enabling enterprises to scale compute resources across on-premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructures. Univa's solutions help hundreds of companies to manage thousands of applications and run billions of tasks every day to obtain actionable insights and achieve faster time-to-results. Univa is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Canada and Germany.

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