Case Study

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Extends HPC Environment with Navops Launch

With one of the most published business school faculties, The Wharton School creates ongoing economic and social value around the world

Supporting the computational needs of Wharton researchers is an enormous task. Wharton's Research Computing team must ensure users have ready access to the latest tools, infrastructure, and technical expertise. From regressions and optimizations, to Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Wharton's HPC and Big Data Analytics workloads cover a broad spectrum of uses.

The increasing demands of its user base meant Wharton's HPCC had to be extended: as researchers' needs grew beyond desktops or departmental servers, Wharton's HPC cluster needed to continuously enable that scaling.

Univa answered the call with Navops Launch, software designed for organizations experiencing increasing volumes of high priority workloads, where response speed and accuracy is critical. The product's inherent flexibility means that infrastructure cost savings are realized even as the enterprise evolves - all through strategic use of cloud based resources, important capabilities that Wharton needs.

"Navops Launch was a solid choice," said Gavin Burris, Senior Project Leader for Research Computing, The Wharton School. "Being able to get a commercially supported cloud management system that is tightly integrated with Univa Grid Engine is a big plus for us."

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