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Distributed Resource Management Application API v2

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DRMAAv2 (Distributed Resource Management Application API Version 2) is an Open Grid Forum (www.ogf.org) standard. It is used for tightly coupled programmatic access to cluster, grid and cloud systems. DRMAAv2 provides portable standardized access for submitting jobs into a compute cluster using a cluster resource management system like Grid Engine for applications or for users to build workflows, get cluster related information, and monitor jobs submitted within the Grid Engine cluster. Univa Grid Engine is the first Distributed Resource Management System to create a reference implementation of DRMAAv2.

What you will learn:

  • • The DRMAA2 Standard
  • • Features and Functions
  • • DRMAA2 Grid Engine Implementation
Daniel Gruber, Sr. Software Engineer, Univa Corporation

Daniel holds a B.Sc. / M.Sc. Information Engineering. He has worked at Sun and Oracle and he is now a part of Univa Grid Engine Development Team (working on core/memory binding, RSMAP, Intel Xeon Phi support, cgroups, Cray XC30 support, HP CMU Integration, DRMAA2 working group member).

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