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Managing License-Bound Applications (a.k.a. Univa License Orchestrator™)

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A great deal of businesses use very expensive software programs that require the use of a license to run their daily activities. Optimizing the usage of the licenses can be a daunting task without the help of license management tools such as the Univa License Orchestrator.

Univa License Orchestrator prioritizes the sharing of license features according to business objectives, provides a consolidated view of all license assets, automatically detects and adds new licenses and features, tracks license usage for charge back or capacity planning, and enables maximum workload throughput.

This webinar will cover Univa License Orchestrator installation, configuration and the various features that set it apart from other products. The webinar will conclude by discussing a typical license use case scenario.

What you will learn:

Omar Hassaine, Grid Engine Specialist, Univa Corporation

Omar has a tremendous background in the key areas of expertise of HPC and Grid Engine. Omar has worked at Cray, Sun and Oracle for the past decade. Omar has developed training materials, and co-authored an important technical paper on LSF to Grid Engine migration.

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