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Exclusive Webinar: A Sea of Change - Migrating Workloads and Applications to the Cloud

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We are witnessing a major shift in attitude when it comes to cloud adoption. 451 Research estimates that 90 percent of companies will be in the cloud by 2019. Furthermore, the cloud category is the fastest growing HPC category at 14-18 percent. New frameworks, containers and cloud are changing how enterprises look at technical computing, to name a few factors. Yet what does this mean for the on-prem HPC users looking to migrate to the cloud? This webinar covers the shift that digital leaders are making to move faster toward off-premises IT - resulting in accelerated business and IT transformation. It also covers how Univa is helping its customers migrate their HPC workloads to the cloud, to include some unique hybrid cloud bursting case studies.


William Fellows, Founder & Research Vice President, 451 Research

William Fellows is a cofounder of The 451 Group. As VP of Research, he is responsible for the Cloud Transformation Channel at 451 Research. This Channel provides a point of intellectual convergence for 451 Research around cloud computing, in much the same way that the industry is converging on cloud from all points. In addition to keeping tabs on players entering the cloud and IT services space with disruptive business models, new technology and innovations in service delivery, William has also created 451 Research's Digital Economics unit. This is currently focused on helping end users, vendors and investors understand complex and confusing cloud pricing mechanisms in order to compare the cost of services (hosted, hybrid and on-premises), the cost of entry and price of participation in new markets.

William also created 451 Research's early adopter research program, working with enterprise end users and innovators. Currently focused on cloud computing, he has identified and tracked other early adopter markets, including grid computing and virtualization, since the company was formed in 2000. William also leads 451 Research's participation within the European Commission and numerous other EC research projects. William is a member of the EC Cloud Expert Group, coauthor of The Future of Cloud Computing? Opportunities for European Cloud Computing Beyond 2010, and a regular speaker at industry and 451 conferences. He participates in numerous advisory boards and planning committees for UK and international industry bodies.

Rob Lalonde, Vice President and General Manager, Navops, Univa Corporation

Rob Lalonde brings over 25 years of executive management experience to lead Univa's accelerating growth and entry into new markets. Rob has held executive positions in multiple, successful high tech companies and startups. He possesses a unique and multi-disciplined set of skills having held positions in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and CEO and board positions. Rob has completed MBA studies at York University's Schulich School of Business and holds a degree in computer science from Laurentian University.

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