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Using Univa Grid Engine to optimize your HPC systems

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The job of Univa Grid Engine is to drive optimal throughput and utilization of HPC systems, which is great for achieving the ROI of compute platform. However, when users are extremely busy and place additional demands on HPC systems, the waiting time for engineers and scientists to run their simulations and obtain results could become a real business bottleneck. If the scheduler is receiving far more workloads than the available resources can serve, waiting time could be great enough to impact on delivery schedules, launch dates and time to market.

Univa Grid Engine can automatically monitor the demands being placed on HPC systems, and through a bursting policy, automatically supplement existing resources with additional HPC capacity on demand. With Univa Grid Engine and Navops, you can quickly and easily extend your HPC cluster to the cloud, orchestrate the cloud compute resources and manage the movement of workloads and data to and from the cloud.

We demonstrate a Univa Grid Engine cluster bursting to the AWS Cloud, executing workloads moved from the on-premize HPC systems, and then closing down the cloud resources once the workloads are completed. The webinar exhibits the capabilities built into the Univa products to quickly and easily extend your HPC to AWS cloud, allowing your engineers and scientists to keep to their production and delivery schedules.

• Terry Fisher, HPC Business Development Manager EMEA, Amazon Web Services
• Rob Lalonde, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud, Univa Corporation
• Bill Bryce, VP of Products, Univa Univa Corporation

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