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Open-source Monitoring and Reporting for Univa Grid Engine Clusters (Univa Unisight 4.4.2)

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For Grid Engine administrators, knowledge is power. With better visibility to workloads and resources, organizations can identify bottlenecks, boost throughput, and plan capacity more effectively. In the Fall of 2019, Univa took a fresh new direction with Unisight combining our robust and scalable data collection engine with best-of-breed open-source components, including Grafana™, a leading dashboard for data visualization. The result is an open and extensible monitoring and reporting solution freely available for Univa Grid Engine clusters that run on-premise or across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

For customers wishing to learn more about Unisight, Univa is pleased to offer an on-demand webinar. Viewers will learn about Unisight's data collection architecture, its open-source Data Bridge, and available Grafana reference dashboards. The webinar will also provide a deep dive into reporting and monitoring features and explain how Unisight can be tailored to collect and expose additional metrics or feed data to third party reporting and visualization tools.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how Univa Unisight provides unmatched visibility into resource usage and how it can identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency for your HPC environment.

Angel Caballero, SE, Univa Corporation

Angel has over 15 years of experience in the Information Technology Sector, specializing in High-Performance Computing, cloud, and storage consulting services. He holds a BS/MS Computer Science Engineering from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.

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